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A Rich, Innovative CurriculumTo Educate The Whole Child
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Private School Niwot, CO

With teaching expertise and developmentally appropriate curriculum, Boulder Valley Waldorf School prepares children for a lifetime of academic success and engagement. Waldorf education endeavors to inspire lifelong learning in all students through the integration of the arts in all academic disciplines. Offering classes from preschool and kindergarten through middle school, our private school in Niwot, CO, makes the exceptional Waldorf educational model easily accessible with affordable tuition and scholarship programs. Put your child on the road to success today by calling (303) 652-0130.

Deeper, Experiential Learning

Based on the principles of education as outlined by world-renowned artist and scientist Rudolf Steiner, Waldorf education addresses the needs of the growing child in various stages of development. Waldorf schools cultivate the intellectual, emotional, and physical capacities of students by incorporating music, dance, theater, writing, and literature into all areas of study.

Preschool And Kindergarten

At Boulder Valley Waldorf School, class time for younger students is largely focused on activities that are extensions of home life. From grinding grain to bake bread for snack time to simple finger knitting, gardening, and housekeeping, our students learn to love and care for their classroom. Our teachers strive to provide a stimulating environment where children can be physically active in a meaningful way, channeling their inherent energy into productive learning. Each day offers time for both work and play, with creative play time designed to encourage imagination and problem-solving. Daily fairy tales, puppet shows, and multicultural stories provide a way to teach while engaging the imaginative side of our young students. Each day ends with everyone pitching in to tidy up our room in preparation for the next day.

Elementary Grades

We believe that, while gaining knowledge is important, how that knowledge is acquired is equally important. Our students use drawing, painting, poetry recitation, drama, singing, and playing musical instruments to explore literacy, numeracy, and world cultures. The children are not merely taught to do artistic activities, but rather are instructed in so-called “non-artistic” subjects in imaginative and artistic ways, including grammar, mathematics, carpentry, knitting, foreign languages, and even sports. The Waldorf curriculum functions on the understanding that better learning happens when students can connect more fully with their subject matter.

Middle School

At Boulder Valley Waldorf School, our middle school program is characterized by growing independence. Students will find that they are no longer satisfied with goodness, beauty, and truth as defined by others, and will desire to determine these concepts for themselves. Your child will be exposed to special subjects as their world expands, developing deeper relationships with teachers and fellow students. They will also be expected to commit more time to schoolwork, homework, and manage their time more independently. The BVWS middle school provides a curriculum that validates the experience of adolescence and provides schoolwork with real connections to the outer world.

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If you want to challenge your child academically and provide a rich, empowering learning experience, there are few better ways than through Waldorf education. Contact Boulder Valley Waldorf School today to request more information or a tour. Please fill out our form or call (303) 652-0130. We look forward to learning with you.

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